update:2014-02-19 NO.: DOC140201-01

Canada Marabou and Feather New Guidance for Textile Flammability

Under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA), consumer products composed of textile fibres must meet specific flammability requirements prior to manufacture, importation, advertising or sale.

The flammability of marabou and other feather products tested by Health Canada has been highly variable. To date, approximately 30% of such products have not met the flammability requirements and are a danger to consumers because of their rapid and intense burning when exposed to an ignition source.

Health Canada has developed a new flammability guidance recently to address testing of Marabou and Feathers when used in a consumer product. For the safety of consumers, it is the responsibility of manufacturers, importers, advertisers and retailers of consumer products made of, or containing, marabou or other feathers to ensure compliance with flammability requirements. Having products tested for flammability or requesting flammability test results from suppliers, as necessary, is recommended.

The guidance addresses several areas of consumer products including but not limited to the following:

• Textile Products, including items such as, but not limited to, fabric (yard goods), draperies, clothing other than children’s sleepwear, and costumes and their accessories, including Halloween costumes and costumes for dress-up play or role play.
• Bedding, including items such as, but not limited to, sheets, pillowcases, pillows (standard and decorative), blankets, throws, comforters, mattress pads, bed skirts, sleeping bags, baby sleep sacks and other products used on a bed.
• Children’s Sleepwear Regulations: The flammability requirements are set out in the regulations for children’s sleepwear in sizes up to and including 14X. For tight fitting children’s sleepwear in sizes up to and including 14X, including sleepwear designed for infants weighing up to 7 kg, sleepwear designed for hospital use, polo pyjamas and sleepers. For loose fitting children’s sleepwear in sizes up to and including 14X, including children’s nightgowns, nightshirts, dressing gowns, bathrobes, housecoats, robes, pyjamas and baby doll pyjamas.
• Toys Regulations: Dolls, plush (raised fibre) toys and soft toys.

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