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US Toy Standard ASTM F963-17 Published

On August 24, 2017, ASTM International published ASTM F963-17, Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety by ASTM International’s committee on consumer products (Committee F15). The updates will become mandatory 180 days after publication under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), if no rejection comes from the US CPSC within 90 days.

Summary of the Update of ASTM F963-17:

1.Changing “must” to “shall” ;
2.Added referenced document in Section 2 for ANSI/UL 1012 Power Units Other Than Class 2 and 40 CFR 141.63 Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) for Microbiological Contaminants;
3.Added new Section 2.8, Other Documents within the Referenced Documents section with regards to :
—CTFA Microbiological Guidelines, Methods M-1, Methods M-2, Methods M-3, and Methods M-6;
—United States Pharmacopeia, Volume 35 (or most current), Method 61, Method 62, and Chapter 1231;
—U.S. Food and Drug Administration Bacteriological Analytical Manual .
4. Clarified definition for cosmetics for applicability to FDCA labeling requirements in Section 3.1.20;
5.Deleted definition for Driving Mechanism as it was not used within the standard;
6. Removed NOTE 13 that was duplicated in the standard;
7. Added clarification that the Kinetic Energy Density (KED) test is only applicable to projectile toys and arrows that have a kinetic energy greater than 0.08 J in Section and Section;
8. Clarified NOTE 15 regarding a low power circuit;
9. Added clarifying information related to hazardous condition related to short circuit protection test in Section;
10. Editorial change for the intended age of children for magnetic/ electrical experimental sets in Section 4.38.2;
11. Editorial change relating to producers markings for toy chests in Section 4.41.5;
12. Added clarifications that push/ pull toys are not floor toys as defined in Section 4.5;
13. Editorial changes made to the tolerance portion of the improvised projectile rationale in Annex A12.2.7.1;
14. Added clarifier to specific international standards for Kinetic Energy (KE) alignment rationale in Annex A12.2.10.4;
15. Editorial changes made to KED requirement rationale in Annex A12.2.11.3;
16. Editorial changes made to Ride-On Toys rationale in Annex A12.6;
17. Editorial changes made to Acoustics rationale in Annex A12.9.

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